SFK Keg Coolers

SFK Keg Coolers

Powerful refrigeration for 20L, 30 L or 50L kegs
Environment friendly and energy efficient
Easy to service

The SFK-series of keg coolers has especially been designed to store 20L, 30L and even 50L kegs at a cold and constant temperature.
The  Energetic label indicates that each SFK keg cooler  is environment friendly and energy efficient. The machine unit is fully detachable enabling quick and efficient service in the field.
Available with machine right of left.
                 Keg Capacity                                           Dimensions W x D x H(mm)          
SFK-2E    2 x 20L                                                     620 x 575 x 840/860
SFK-4E    4 x 20L/1 x 50L                                        880 x 575 x 840/860
SFK-6E    6 x 20L/2 x 20L + 1 x 50L                        1110 x 575 x 840/860
SFK-8E    8 x 20L/4 x 20L + 1 x 50L/ 2 x 50L          1350 x 575 x 840/860

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SFK Keg Coolers