Professional beverage cooling for the hospitality industry

  1. With 30 years of experience in professional beverage refrigeration, Serrco is a familiar name in the hospitality industry. Not only in the Netherlands, but also abroad.


    Serrco is constantly developing new products, in which close cooperation with customers is paramount. Reliability and sustainability play an important role here.


    In production, the emphasis is on quality, efficiency and cost control. This way, we are able to offer a high-quality product at a competitive price. We strive for maximum customer satisfaction in all aspects, whether it is price, delivery time, delivery to the location or service. Our flexibility and commitment are of great importance here.


  1. With the development and production of specific products, Serrco has grown into a full-fledged partner for the international beverage industry.


    Through this catalogue, we try to provide the best possible representation of our standard range. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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    • Welcome on our new website

      We welcome you on the new website of Serrco. With his website we try to give you a complete introduction to our company and products. With its simple lay out you will be able to find the right information in just a few clicks. Should there by any question of remark please feel free to give us a phone-call or fill in below contact form.We will make sure you will get the right information as soon as possible.
Professional beverage cooling for the hospitality industry