1. Markt 28 in Zundert

    Markt 28 in Zundert

    The owner of Markt 28 in Zundert - Juanito Ooms- explains:

    Having enough cold storage available is very important for a busy lunch and coffee house and that is how we found Serrco.

    Directly under the dispense point we have a SFK-8E keg cooler which offers enough space for all our beer kegs.

    For the back bar Serrco advised us to take the SCL-2222GMU Combi-Line cooler with 4 glassdoors that gives us a clear overview of available products during our busy work behind the bar.

    Meanwhile we had a few hot and very busy summer seasons and our drinks were always served at 2°-4°C.

    So, Serrco performs well in extreme situations and during rush hours where doors are opened very frequently.

    Next to this we have a small cellar with difficult and narrow entry. We could never go in there with a normal cooler.

    Serrco proposed their SKB-3.1 cooler built out of panels enabling easy entry down the cellar. 

    We use this cooler for the cold storage of beer crates and kegs.

    Serrco offers the ideal cold solution for multiple situations and we are very happy with that!

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